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Transpersonal Coaching For Transformation 
Soul Life Coa
ching TM

'Every time I have a coaching session with Lucy, I connect deeper with myself and feel gratitude, because I see things clearer and just get in touch with a kind of energy that is rare to obtain. Thank you Lucy for giving 100% and teaching my project manager ego, how intuition works.' Bharat B.


A transpersonal and phenomenological approach to coaching.

Through Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation - Soul Life Coaching TM, I help people find greater meaning, happiness, connection and belonging in their lives. I create a safe, confidential space where I help people to connect fully with themselves and soul.


Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation - Soul Life Coaching TM sessions provide you with the opportunity to explore relationships and situations in your life that might be bothering you, things that you would like to change or goals you would like to work towards. Carving out time to do this can help to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, help you find meaning, create harmony, come back into balance, and align with your purpose in life.

Everyone I see is unique, therefore I adjust my approach to meet your needs. I utilise traditional coaching practices, intuitive guidance, visualisation, meditation, creative and energy healing techniques.


By co-creating space, I am able to support you in getting to the heart of what may be causing challenging experiences, unhappiness, blocks or emotions that are difficult to manage in your life. During our coaching sessions, as we explore the things you want to work on, need support with or are important to you, I  will connect with your energy to sense what might be blocking you from true expression.  Exploring this will help you come to new understandings, re-balance, take steps towards where you want to be and come into alignment with your true self and soul.


Through my approach, the individuals I support, report that they are able to focus on what is important and get in touch with something inside themselves, which is often hard to find. The people I support often establish a connection to something greater and cultivate a meaningful sense of connection internally and with the world.

Being able to support others in this way gives me a deep sense of gratitude. It enables me to feel in alignment with my own purpose and soul. 

Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation - Soul Life Coaching TM sessions provide you with the opportunity to recognise that the challenges you are experiencing are here to support you on our journey. You will see that your emotions and experiences provide the material we can work with. You will begin to no longer see these as obstacles, things to be afraid of or unhappy moments. You will see these as opportunities for healing, growth and transformation. This will help you to live a happier and more fulfilling life, with yourself, others and the world.​

To begin working with me click on the booking link below or on the menu bar.

If you would like to learn more or see if this process is for you, then you can book a short no obligation call to talk things through. Just go to the bookings page or contact me.

What my clients say

'I appreciate Lucy as a very attentive listener which is the foundation of being an excellent coach. In her natural, calm and attentive way, Lucy creates an environment of sincerity and security. In this environment I felt trust and I was able to open myself and go deeper.' Joke B.

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Click on the link below to book your Soul Life Coaching session. Sessions are offered in person or online and last 1 hour. In some cases 30 minute sessions are available, please contact to enquire.


Still pondering?

For a free 15 minute consultation to learn more about Soul Life Coaching and to establish your needs please contact to discuss. 


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