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Creating space to nurture women's wellbeing and spirituality and
supporting peope to live consciously in relationships with themselves, others and the world.

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I create space to support women with their wellbeing and spirituality. I help women find their purpose and greater happiness in relationships and their lives. I do this through Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Yoga and through my Conscious Living Blog.

As a Life Coach and Energy Healer, I work holistically and intuitively - incorporating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of your life. As we work together to explore relationships and situations in your life that are challenging, you will come to new understandings, be able to make positive changes and move towards your goals. You will feel greater ease in your life, increase your energy and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing.

My approach is transpersonal, which means I pay attention to more than just the ego self and the physical realm as I believe we are also spiritual beings. I am passionate about discovering ways that we can live more harmoniously with ourselves, others and the world.

As it not always easy to make changes in your life alone, I have created a dedicated space where we can work together so you can heal, grow and transform. 

I look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your journey.


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"I did an energy healing workshop with Lucy and wow, Lucy is the real deal. Had amazing Reiki at the end, full on heat on my head, throbbing colours, the works. Very enjoyable afternoon, beautiful rose bud tea and lovely vibe."

Workshop participant

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