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Soulpreneur - Is this you?

As I am developing my coaching, energy healing and conscious living work, I have been thinking about what it means to be a Soulpreneur.

Being a Soulprenuer is about sharing your gifts with the world and creating a business that aligns with your soul’s purpose. Rather than working solely with money and power in mind, it means that you value working in service to others and giving back the world - valuing people over profit. It means identifying and sharing your soul's gifts, with the aim of elevating your own and the consciousness of others, and living this out in the world. It is working with what is guiding you within. This guidance is something we all have, we just need to tap into it, listen to our intuition and be guided by this higher power within.

As a Soulpreneur, your aim is to inspire people through your creativity. Of course being a Soulpreneur does not mean that you sacrifice everything to the detriment of yourself and your own life. It is widely acknowledge that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Those working in healing, wellbeing, spiritual and personal development professions cannot support others if they are not supporting themselves too.

Being a Soulpreneur needs to be reciprocal and requires finding the balance between, giving and receiving, honouring and valuing yourself, your knowledge and wisdom, while at the same time, serving others and the wider world. It means living consciously.

To be a Soulpreneur means aligning your soul with your purpose, creating the work you will offer and putting this out to the world. This takes courage and commitment. You might have to push away fears and doubts and experience feeling vulnerable. However, if you can step into this calling and align with your soul’s purpose, the rewards of being in service and supporting others to shine their light is highly rewarding.

The journey and experience as a Soulpreneur working with others is a two-way process. A Soulprenuers journey is ever evolving and expanding. Soulpreneurs embrace the opportunity to continually develop and grow through the work they offer. Embracing this gift Soulpreneurs continue to elevate both their own and others consciousness too. We send out love, light and healing in the world.

Soul work is wonderful and meaningful and so is being a Soulpreneur. So, if you feel you might be a Soulprenuer and want help finding your purpose then please reach out and get in touch. I can help you find your passion and calling, as well as helping you to live more consciously in your life, in your relationships with others and the world.

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