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Wintering, Imbolc and self-care

As we arrive at Imbolc, the Celtic festival which celebrates the beginning of Spring, also the goddess Brigid’s day…I just want to take a moment to reflect as we come out of the dark phase and begin preparing to shed the period of wintering.


I really felt it this year. Beginning with Samhain, the darkness, the stillness, wanting to hibernate and withdraw, cosying up in the dark days and nights. Over yule and throughout midwinter, I spent time reflecting, journaling, taking moments for spiritual practice and short nature walks on the days where there was a hint of blue in the sky. I also spent time considering which seeds I might want to plant for the year ahead.


Throughout January, my focus was on self-care, taking time to nurture myself wherever I could find snippets of time between mothering and working. I experienced this as being symbolic for removing anything residual from the soil from the previous year, preparing the ground for things to be planted, ready to start emerging when spring is fully in the air.


This period of self-care has mainly involved, lots of hot baths with salt, essential oils and candles, a weekly yoga class, plus my own short yoga practice at home, a few massages at the spa and of course nature connection.


As I continue to pay attention to the rhythms of nature and the changes of the seasons, I notice how my own energy, mental and emotional space ebbs and flows with the energy of nature and the planet. I believe nature connection and taking time for spiritual and wellbeing practices supports us in accessing the ancient and universal wisdom that is surrounding us and within us. I continue to realise how important it is to stay tuned to this energy and find ways to listen and cultivate its essence in daily life. I believe this is paramount for us to function and flourish as spiritual human beings living on this earth.


I hope you managed to find time to connect with the energy of the seasons and engage with all that supports your wellbeing and connection to the earth. I would love to hear about your experiences of this period too.

As always, if you feel called to access any of the practices I offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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