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Cleansing, nurturing and healing the soul.

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

sunset connecting with the soul

Today, I spent some time reading ‘The Healing Wisdom of Africa’ by Malidoma Patrice Some. As I managed to find a tiny window in my day for self-care, I read a few chapters of this wonderful book, followed by a short yoga practice. While reading this book and doing yoga in my space dedicated to spiritual practices – Transpersonal Space, I felt very connected spiritually and recognised the importance of taking time to tend to the spirit and soul, to cleanse, nurture and heal.

Before I started reading and practising yoga today, I was feeling a little tired. However, as I connected with the spiritual words, nature and cosmology in ‘The Healing Wisdom of Africa’ by Malidoma Patrice Some and then working on my energy body through yoga, I realised just how restoring they were to my spirit energetically. Both increased the connection to subtle energy and helped me to sense all that is spiritual and transpersonal, which enhanced my spirit and soul. As a result of this I then begun thinking about the many ways we can connect with the spirit, the soul, a transpersonal space, and how we can do this through activities such as the food we eat, connecting with nature, the right conversations, right action, healthy relationships, spiritual practices, being with animals, creative practices, prayer and ritual.

There is a myriad of ways we can connect with a spiritual and transpersonal space. As we are all different we experience connection to the transpersonal in ways that are unique to us as individuals. Through Transpersonal Space, Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation – Soul Life coaching and Reiki energy healing, this is precisely what I help my clients do. Working with my clients is reciprocal in that it helps me to connect further with a nurturing soul based transpersonal space and spiritual energy too.

However, we chose to connect with a spiritual and transpersonal space is not as important as ensuring we take time out to do so. Even a small amount a few times per week or ideally every day greatly enhances our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. If we can nurture the soul and our energy field in this way it brings more energy, connection, clarity and purpose and connects us with a transpersonal space. If you want to tap into ways to do this and/or you are not sure how to, then why not try a Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation – Soul Life Coaching session or have Reiki energy healing with me. Connecting with your own spiritual energy is life enhancing in so many ways. I can support you with this through Transpersonal Coaching for Transformation – Soul Life Coaching or Reiki energy healing.


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